Translation in Theory and Practice

Übersetzungen in Theorie und Praxis
Haroldo de Campos

As part of an international workshop on ‘Translation: Experiments,’ co-organized with Caroline Sauter and funded by the Johanna Quandt Young Academy, I have explored different forms of experimental translation that move beyond the ideal of fidelity to the original and establish the oscillation between languages as a text form sui generis. Currently, I am editing the results of the workshop, that will be published soon with transcript in a book on Beyond the Original. Translation as Experiment.

In my current book project on gender and multilingualism, translation holds a privileged position as a cultural practice utilized by many women in the 18th century to gain access to the literary market. I have delved deeper into this topic through various presentations throughout the year, such as a lecture on “Gender and Translation in the Spanish Enlightenment” for the colloquium of the Priority Program ‘Early Modern Translation Cultures (1450-1800)’ or in the scope of the conference on “Gender and Diversity in Early Modern Translation Cultures”, where I presented a paper on Anne Dacier’s translation of Sappho.